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2021 Guide to Entering Boracay

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Updated: November 18, 2021.

11/16/21 : No more swab test required for fully vaccinated individuals

10/01/21 : A copy of PENDING S-Pass Travel Coordination Permit application is required. 03/18/21 : Saliva PCR Test is now allowed. 03/05/21 : Subsidy for TPB PCMC swab test suspended. Read more here

A summary of Main Documentary Requirements

  1. Roundtrip Flight Tickets

  2. Booking confirmation from DOT-accredited establishments

  3. Vaccination certificate from VaxCertPH or Vaccine card from LGU (Fully vaccinated) RT-PCR negative result (nose or saliva) 72 hours prior to departure (Unvaccinated)

  4. Aklan Health Declaration and QR Code

  5. Valid ID

  6. S-Pass Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) - Temporarily suspended

Traveling to Boracay may seem daunting but the fact is apart from the swab or saliva test and the quick Aklan health registration, everything you need to do are mostly things that you already did when you booked prior to the pandemic.

Step by step:

Step 1: Book your Flight

Choose your flight dates and book your ticket. Make a copy of the confirmation document, you will need this later.

Step 2: Book your Accommodation

Many establishments have already been granted permission to operate in Boracay. Simply make a reservation with a DOT-accredited establishment, whether it is a hotel, an AIRBNB, an inn, or other lodging. Save the booking confirmation along with your flight ticket.

Step 3: Get your vaccination certificate or Get Swab/Saliva Test

If you are already fully vaccinated against COVID 19, you can get your vaccination certificate at VaxCertPH. Another option is to request for a vaccination card with QR code from your respective LGU according to (You may read the full article here).

You must, however, have an RT-PCR test if you are still unvaccinated. You can choose between a saliva or a nose swab RT-PCR test. Go to an accredited RT-PCR swab center or Philippine Red Cross (PRC) for the Saliva-based RT-PCR Test.

Test prices vary from 2,000- 5,000. There are also drive-thru options that are relatively safe because you stay within the confines of your own vehicle.

Step 4: Wait for Test Results

Depending on the testing center, results take anywhere between 12 hours to 48 hours to get released. You will usually get your results through email! Make sure the email address you provided is very clear.

Step 5: Fill-up the Health Declaration Form

After receiving your negative PCR test results, visit and click on ‘Boracay' in the Where To section. Complete the online health declaration form. The form looks like this:

You will be taken to this confirmation page upon completion of the form. Take a screenshot of your confirmation page.

Step 6: Register for an S-Pass

(This requirement is temporarily suspended until definite guidelines from concerned agencies are issued.)

Step 7: Email your requirements to Tourist Boracay

Remember the confirmation bookings and documents you saved in Steps 1 to 5?

1. Confirmed Roundtrip Flight Tickets

2. Confirmed Accommodation Bookings

3. Vaccination certificate from VaxCertPH or Vaccine card from LGU (Fully vaccinated) Negative PCR-Test Result taken 72 hours prior to departure date (Unvaccinated)

4. Screenshot of Aklan Health Declaration Submission

5. Proof of Identification with Philippine residency (could be a PH passport or driver's license)

Prepare all the documents listed above in soft copy format and email to following the subject line in this format “OHDC - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME”

Step 8: Receive your Aklan Tourist QR Code.

You are encouraged to submit the documents at least 12 hours or more before your flight to avoid any delays.

If there are no issues with your requirements, you will receive your Health Declaration Card (HDC) with QR Code which will look like this:

Print this out because this will be scanned multiple times during the entry procedures. It may be wise to print out multiple copies.

Staff checks QR Code at Tourist Verification Counter, Caticlan Jetty Port.

If you have not received any response within two (2) hours after you sent your documents, you should send another follow up email or contact:

Travel Info Aklan Assistance Center:






In the event that your request for travel is unsuccessful, additional requirements will be asked of you. Make sure to comply as soon as possible to avoid further delays in the QR Code Release.

Step 9: Pack-up and Enjoy!

Print out your QR code, flight documents and accommodation bookings. Don’t forget your valid ID as well. Voila, you are all set to travel!

Final thoughts:

Time your swabs accordingly. Remember that your results must be taken 72 hours prior to departure. This means you cannot take your swabs too early.

The best time to visit Boracay is now. Prices have gone down and most establishments are carrying local prices. Boracay is back to its quiet idyllic state as is in the 90s. This may be the only time we can fully experience Boracay as a local. After the borders open, tourists will crowd this beautiful island once again.

Source: Official website of Aklan Province (


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