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5 Tips To Make Ordinary Travel Photos Instagram-Worthy

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Taking photos that are Instagram-worthy is definitely a hard skill to master. In this article, we will teach you some tips and tricks on how to make each shot in your adventures, an Instagram photo to remember. Learn how to set your equipment settings, angle your shot properly, and turn boring backgrounds into creative ones!

Taking the Best Travel Photo

A lot of people struggle in finding the picture-perfect shot when traveling but that’s where we come in! Not only will we give you some useful tips in taking good photos, but we’ll also give you some life hacks in so you can have an amazing experience.

Tip #1: Know Your Camera

Whichever device you plan to use, it’s important to get the hang of it in order to get the best travel photo you’re aiming for. Whether you’re using a digital camera or a mobile phone, try exploring the different modes and settings first before giving it a go! In this way, it’ll be much easier shifting from different portrait styles which would better match the scenery you’re trying to capture! It might be helpful to bring a tripod too for those going solo!

Tip #2: Take the Road Less Traveled

By taking the road less traveled, we’re not saying to get lost. This tricky tip is for discovering horizons especially in a beautiful place you’ve never been to before! When taking Instagram-worthy photos, sometimes the underrated places are the true gems. Stroll around and explore the places with less people because sometimes those sceneries end up becoming the best backgrounds, I tell you!

Tip #3: Flaunt Your Best Angles!

In taking tourist photos, it’s best to know which angles suit you the best. In this way, you’ll have a better idea on which poses could be your go-to and which angles to avoid. Remember that angle is everything. Usually, the best angles are set on an eye-level, unless you want to show a bigger scenery behind you. In these cases, just make sure to have your camera focused on a single subject so that it can really stand out once you post it on your Instagram feed!

Tip #4: Go the Distance

Sometimes, distance can also bring so much difference to a photo. To get the best Instagram-worthy travel photo, you must identify whether the shot would look better in a personal distance or a wide shot angle. It may seem like a hassle, but the photographer’s distance from the subject can really bring more life to it. To give an idea, taking photos of people usually look better if you’re taking it a meter and a half away. But for photos with a natural scenery or buildings that are too high, taking it from afar would make it look much better.

Tip #5: Learn Color Grading

Sometimes, what the eyes see doesn’t exactly show in your photos. This is why most travel photographers use color grading. Through color grading, you can enhance the quality and coloration of your photo so that you can adjust it to how it really looked like for your eyes! Some useful apps which can try for color grading & come in very handy when you’re on the go are: VSCO, Lightroom, Snapseed, PicsArt, Afterlight, and Enlight.

If you’re still hesitant in getting into outdoor photography for your next getaway, now’s the time to try it! Get those lenses clicking and your creative eye on the lookout! Try shooting from simple subjects to scenic backgrounds and with just a little practice, getting the best Instagram-worthy shot will already be a piece of cake for you



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