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How to Successfully Re-appeal for a Schengen Visa Refusal for Filipinos

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Have you been notified that your application for a Schengen Visa has been rejected? If the answer is yes, worry not because you still have a chance. In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can successfully re-appeal for your Schengen Visa.

4 Reasons Why Your Application Might Have Been Rejected

1. You submitted an application with missing/unreliable documents.

There are a lot of documents that are required when applying for a Schengen Visa. You might have forgotten one or two while you were compiling your files. To avoid this, make a checklist of documents that you need to compile and double-check it before passing it to the embassy.

In the case of unreliable documents, this problem arises when you pass fake documents, such as doctored itineraries. To avoid this, get in contact with reputable booking services for your plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc.

2. The coverage of your travel insurance is insufficient.

Travel insurance is a requirement for Schengen Visa approval. It must include hospital care in case you run into an accident as well as repatriation to your home country. Your travel insurance must cover the entire trip and be no less than €30,000.00 (approximately Php 1,706,000.00).

Yes, travel insurance is pricey, but it’s important for your vacation, especially since you’ll be visiting a faraway place. Apply for insurance from a reputable company and pass the original documentation to the embassy.

3. The embassy is not convinced that you intend to return to the Philippines.

Overstaying in a country when you only have a tourist Visa is illegal. Embassies have every right to deny your application for a Visa if they do not believe that you will be returning to your home country at the designated time.

To convince them otherwise, include documents that show that you have strong ties in this country – ties that will compel you to return after your vacation. These documents can include a leave of absence letter from your job, a certificate of enrolment to your school, and/or proof that you possess property in the Philippines.

4. They find your declaration inconsistent/conflicting.

Let’s say you passed all the necessary documents, but as these documents were being reviewed, inconsistencies were found. This will make the embassy doubt the legitimacy of the documents you submitted.

To avoid this, make sure you declare the same dates in every document you submit such as application form/s, travel insurance documents, hotel reservation files, daily itinerary, leave form/s and certificate of employment.

Writing an Appeal Letter

Now that you know why your Schengen Visa application was rejected, you can start writing an appeal letter. In the letter, you’ll be telling the embassy why you think they were mistaken in rejecting your application. 

Don’t write a two-page paper as embassies already have a lot of work and they might not have time to read through such a long letter thoroughly. At the same time, a letter with a single paragraph isn’t going to be enough. Here are some things you should include in your appeal letter:

Your details

  • Full name

  • Date

  • Place of birth

  • Passport number

  • Current address

  • Contact details

The details of the rejection of your Schengen Visa

  • The date of rejection

  • The reason for rejection

The date of your departure for the trip

Your signature

Here’s the basic formula for the letter: Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and explain that you applied for a Schengen Visa. In the second paragraph, say when your application was rejected and why. 

And in the third paragraph, insert the reason why the embassy denied your application and then state why you believe this to be mistaken. Based on why your appeal was rejected, also attach supporting documents to your appeal letter. Here’s a guide on what you can argue in the third paragraph:

Reason: Your purpose for visiting the territory of the Member States is unclear.

  • Go into details as to why you want to visit Europe. Attach documents that can be proof of this such as a travel itinerary and/or a letter of invitation (if a friend or relative is inviting you to visit).

Reason: You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence.

  • Explain that you have enough funds and have a stable source of income. Attach a bank certificate, COE, and other documents.

Reason: Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the Visa could not be ascertained.

  • Give them reasons why you will need to return to the Philippines. For example, tell them you’ve been working for a certain number of years in your company and that your career growth is important to you.

Be concise and convincing. End the letter with your signature and contact details. Double-check everything before passing it to the embassy.

These are the measures you can take when your application for a Schengen Visa has been rejected. After submitting your appeal letter, simply wait for the embassy to contact you regarding the final verdict. Need a more in-depth guide on applying for a Schengen Visa? Check out this article: Tips on Getting Your Schengen Visa Approved for Filipinos.



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