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Japan's 50% discount on travel amidst COVID-19

In order to boost domestic tourism in this day and age of COVID-19 travel, the Japanese government created the Go to Travel campaign in order to jumpstart the tourism economy.

What is it?

The go to travel campaign aims to provide upto 50% in subsidies to travelers in Japan.

It is given in the form of a 35% discount in travel expenses and 15% in coupons that can be used in participating establishments, totaling 50% in discounts.

When is the duration?

The campaign began in July 22, 2020 and is expected to end in January, 2021.

What establishments are covered?

You may find a complete list of establishments offering the campaign through this website. The site is in Japanese.

Can Filipinos use it?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. The campaign can only be used by Japanese citizens and foreign residents. Holders of temporary visitor’s visa to Japan are not eligible for this campaign.


As of November, it is mentioned that a total of 144 employees of establishments that were part of this campaign have been infected by the coronavirus, thereby prompting criticism and flak from opposition.


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