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Lonely Planet reveals the best places to travel in 2022

November 25, 2021

Travelers are eagerly looking forward to a time when they can go on some much needed adventures. The world has been one big mess since the pandemic, and it's nice that people have finally started opening up again in recent months with limited travel restrictions from various countries around the globe.

One Foot Island Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Lonely Planet, a major travel guide publisher, has released their annual list of "Best In" destinations around the world, as determined by a vast web of contributors from all over the world and then narrowed down by a panel of travel experts. They rated each location based on its topicality, unique experiences, "wow" factor, and ongoing commitment to sustainable tourism practices, making it an excellent resource for planning your next adventure!

Find out now what places you need to include in your bucket-list for the Top Countries:

Maya Ruins, Belize


  1. Cook Islands 6. Anguilla

  2. Norway 7. Oman

  3. Mauritius 8. Nepal

  4. Belize 9. Malawi

  5. Slovenia 10. Egypt

Here is the full list of the best regions to visit in 2022:

Vancouver Island, Canada


  1. Westfjords, Iceland 6. Shikoku, Japan

  2. West Virginia, USA 7. Atacama Desert, Chile

  3. Xishuangbanna, China 8. The Scenic Rim, Australia

  4. Kent’s Heritage Coast, UK 9. Vancouver Island, Canada

  5. Puerto Rico 10. Burgundy, France

And these are Lonely Planet's Top 10 Cities for 2022:

Donggung Palace, Gyeongju


  1. Auckland, New Zealand 6. Nicosia/ Lefkosia, Cyprus

  2. Taipei, Taiwan 7. Dublin, Ireland

  3. Freiburg, Germany 8. Merida, Mexico

  4. Atlanta, USA 9. Florence, Italy

  5. Lagos, Nigeria 10. Gyeongju, South Korea

And that sums up the list of the best places to visit in 2022, and there are plenty of options that will help make your next trip one you'll never forget! What destination from their list would be on your bucket-list? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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