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Schengen Visa Guide for Filipinos 2024

Updated: 1 day ago

Quick Facts:

As of Sep 7, 2023, International Journeys can assist with your Schengen Visa Requirements through Italy, France, Germany, Greece/Portugal, Spain, Norway, Austria, and The Netherlands consulates.

International Journeys Schengen Visa Assistance includes:

  • Scheduling of visa application appointment

  • Creation of legitimate confirmed roundtrip air ticket bookings

  • Hotel reservation certificates

  • Customized daily itinerary personalized for your needs

  • Travel Insurance certificate specific and customized to your visa application

  • 2 phone consultations with IJ Schengen Visa Officers

  • Recommendation on which consulate to apply at considering your personalized travel itinerary and needs

Visa Processing Fee:

Fees are subject to change, these are accurate as of writing but may change at anytime, please check with the IJ team for accurate rates prior to payment.

IJ Assistance Fee

TLS Appointment Fee

Schengen Visa Fee


France (Regular)

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,538.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 11,038.00

France (Premium Lounge)

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 4,000.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 13,500.00

France (Prime Time Weekend)

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 3,830.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 13,330.00

IJ Assistance Fee

Schengen Visa Fee

Cover Letter


South Africa (30 Days stay below)

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 3,000.00

PHP 500.00

PHP 7,000.00

South Africa (60 Days stay above)

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 500.00

PHP 7,500.00

IJ Assistance Fee

VFS Appointment fee

Schengen Visa Fee


PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,100.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 10,600.00

PHP 3,500.00


PHP 7,200.00

PHP 10,700.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,950.00

PHP 5,000.00

PHP 10,450.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 4,980.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 14,480.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,150.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 10,650.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 2,230.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 11,730.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 2,000.00

PHP 5,000.00

PHP 10,500.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,150.00

PHP 9,500.00

PHP 14,150.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,300.00

PHP 6,000.00

PHP 10,800.00

IJ Assistance Fee

Appointment Fee (Biometric Collection)

Visa Fee


PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,200.00

PHP 7,900.00

PHP 12,600.00

PHP 3,500.00


PHP 2,500.00

PHP 6,000.00

IJ Assistance Fee

BLS Appointment fee

Visa fee


Spain (0-5 years old)

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,030.00

PHP 1,000.00

PHP 5,530.00

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,030.00

PHP 5,000.00

PHP 9,530.00

Spain (12 years old and Above)

PHP 3,500.00

PHP 1,030.00

PHP 7,080.00

PHP 11,610.00

Processing Time:

  • 15 - 20 working days (all except Italian Visa).

  • 20 - 40 working days (for Italian Visa).

  • 15 days to a month or longer (for Croatia Visa).

  • Processing period may be extended indicated working days and a daily visa.

  • Application limit may be set depending on the volume of visa applications received.

  • Please allocate 1-2 months for visa processing time because of slot limitations.

Schengen Member States:

25 European States participating in the Schengen visa program are listed below.

1. Austria 14. Latvia

2. Belgium 15. Lithuania

3. Croatia 16. Luxembourg

4. Czech Republic 17. Malta

5. Denmark 18. Netherlands

6. Estonia 19. Norway

7. Finland 20. Poland

8. France 21. Portugal

9. Germany 22. Slovakia

10. Greece 23. Slovenia

11. Hungary 24. Spain

12. Iceland 25. Sweden

13. Italy 26. Switzerland

Document Requirements

All applicants are required to submit the following documents:


  • Philippine passport (Original)

    • Must be signed

    • Valid for at least 6 months from end of approved duration stay

    • Must contain at least 2 empty pages

    • Remove the passport case before submitting to our office

    • Kindly include scanned copy of Bio page and visa and travel stamps, if applicable.

  • Old Passport (Original)

    • only if with previous visa and travel stamps.

  • For Foreign passport holder

    • Must submit a copy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) valid at least Three (3) months prior to departure.

  • Two (2) pieces of Visa Photo 35mmX45mm (All except Italy)

  • Two (2) pieces of 50mmX50mm (Italy Visa)

    • Should be studio quality with no damages or stains

    • Not older than 6 months

    • Headshot should take 70-80% of the photo, against white background

    • Kindly note: The Government is very strict on the photograph requirements. All photographs submitted in different sizes other than the specified Europe visa photo size may cause the rejection of a Schengen Visa application.

  • Schengen Visa Application Form 

    • Form must be printed on A4 size paper.

    • Do not use friction pen or erasable pen. Use black ballpen only.

    • Complete the details, put 'N/A' if not applicable.

    • If the applicant is minor (under 18 years old), originally signed by both parents/guardians.

  • Certificate of Employment (Original)

    • Certificate of Employment (must include applicant’s position, date hired, & salary)

    • LOA - Approved Leave of Absence (must include dates of approved absence and expected date of return) Employment Contract (Optional)

  • Bank Certificate (Original)

    • Must have account type, current balance and opening date. Issued 1 week prior to appointment date.

    • Must have an Average daily balance (ADB) indicated.

  • Bank Statement (Original)

    • Must show cash flow from the last six (6) months transaction. Issued 1 week prior to appointment date.

    • Passbook holder - provide a photocopy of six (6) months transaction history along with a Certified True Copy (CTC) from the bank.

    • Investment stocks, MP2 savings (Optional)

  • Latest Income Tax Return ITR 2316 or 1701 (Photocopy)

    • Must have a signature of the applicant & received stamp from the BIR.

    • For applicants who do not have an updated Income Tax Return, please provide an explanation letter addressed to the Embassy.

    • For NO ITR - submit an Original notarized Affidavit of No ITR.

  • Proof of Relationship (Original)

    • PSA Birth Certificate

    • PSA Marriage Certificate, if applicable

  • Professional Licensed holder (Photocopy)

    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) - If applicable

    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) - If applicable





Where To Submit?

Visa Receiving Office

International Journeys Inc (Visa Office)

Lower Ground Floor Z Square Mall, 886 Banawe Street, Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City, 1115 Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Parking is generously available in basement and building frontage.

Visa Officer:

Ann Cresencio - 0917 622 5254

Joy Manalo - 0917 630 1238

Trixie Briva - 0962 354 6279

Vanessa Saliga - 0938 128 5464

How do I pay for my visa application?

How do I claim my passport?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is personal appearance at the embassy required?

You are still required to submit your own applications as the embassies would need to get your biometric information such as your fingerprints.

How do I pay for the Visa Fees?

Visa Fees are usually only collected in CASH in the Philippines. Make sure you bring enough cash. Credit cards are not accepted in most consulates. The assistance fee is the only thing we collect prior to application.

Who will print my documents?

You will be the one responsible to print your application documents. Should you wish us to prepare and deliver your documents, printing and courier fees apply.

Will I surely receive approved visa with your processing assistance?

We do not guarantee approval. Visa approval is under the sole discretion of the consul.

How can I apply for a Multiple-entry Schengen Visa?

Multiple-entry Visa may be requested if there is a valid need, e.g. cruise itineraries, but issuance of Multiple-entry Visas would be under the sole discretion of the consul.

Important reminders before you submit your application

  • Attach a letter of explanation for documents that cannot be submitted.

  • Family should apply at the same time and provide proof of relationship: These must be original PSA documents.

  • Apply for visa prior to purchasing your airline tickets and travel services since visa issuance is subject for approval of the consul in charge.

  • Applying through a travel agent does not guarantee the issuance of visa.

  • Inform your HR Officer/Contractor/Bank that someone will call or email from the Embassy to validate the documents you provided.


International Journeys summarized the above Schengen visa application guide and no part may be copied or reproduced without prior written consent.

Visa Conditions:

  • Visa approval is not guaranteed and is still under the final discretion of the consul.

  • Processing time indicated is based on average application time. It is not guaranteed and may be delayed if additional documents are required by the embassy.

  • Do not purchase your tickets before your visas are issued and approved. International Journeys will not be liable for any unused travel products in the case of visa denial or if the release of visa has been delayed.

  • International Journeys will not accept visa application with departure date scheduled within 3 weeks from the date of submission.

  • Any request for early release and pulling out/cancellation of application is not permitted once the documents are submitted to the Embassy.


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