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How to Apply for Korea Group Visa in the Philippines

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

South Korea is a well-loved and sought-after tourist destination for many Filipinos, and the Korean Embassy knows this all too well. This is why since July of 2018, they have allowed for visa applications for Groups and not just individuals. Here is everything you need to know on how to apply for a Korea Group Visa.

1. Why even bother?

  • Applying for a Group Visa, versus applying for a visa the conventional way, could potentially save you huge amounts of time and effort! A group visa has a shorter list of documents you need to submit, and an arguably lower chance of getting rejected by the embassy (assuming you follow all the instructions).

2. Who can apply?

  • Groups going on a Company Incentive trip

What to submit:

  • Application form for group visa

  • Original Passports of all the members

  • Visa request letter from the company

  • Business permit of the company

  • Business permit of the travel agency in Korea

  • Groups of primary, secondary & tertiary level students going on an Educational Tour

What to submit:

  • Application form for group visa

  • Original Passports of all the members

  • Visa request letter from the school

  • Business permit of the travel agency in Korea

 3. Note: Visa Request Letter Must Include the following:

  1. Company/School letter head, address, and contact number

  2. List of maximum 20 members each letter with one person assigned as representative

  3. Name, position, and date hired of all employees OR Name, level/degree of all students

  4. Purpose of entry (Incentive Tour, Conference, Educational Tour, etc.)

  5. Tour schedule

  6. Who will shoulder the cost of travel expenses

  7. Guarantee that the company/school shall ensure all the members abide the laws and regulations of Korea

4. Are there any restrictions?

  • Your Group Must have a minimum of 5 people

  • All members of your group must travel with the SAME tour schedule

  • All members of your group must arrive and depart Korea on the same flight or vessel

  • There should be one (1) assigned representative for a group of with a maximum of twenty (20) members. Another representative must be assigned for members in excess of the first twenty (20) members.

5. Group Visa Issuance

A. The representative must be between twenty (20) and sixty (60) years old B. The representative is responsible for handling the group and reporting in case of unusual events

  • Ex: sudden disengagement of a group member – agency should report immediately to the Embassy or Representative should report to the immigration control during exit

C. Only the group representative will be given the visa and is responsible for presenting the group during immigration

  • All members of the group must be present during immigration inspection.

D. Copy of the approved application form will be provided to the representative E. You may only Apply for a Group Visa through a designated travel agency F. If your group representative is an employee of the designated travel agency, additional employment certificate must be submitted.

6. How long is the Group Visa Processing time?

  • Group Visa processing time is 3 working days from the date of submission to the embassy

How apply to apply for Korea Group Visa with us?

  • Complete all Group Visa requirements mentioned above

  • Submit the application in our office or send it via courier

To: Jonalyn Navarro Address: 2F Ivy Hill Residence 2350 Taft Avenue Malate  Manila, Philippine 1004

  • 3. Pay for the Group Visa in our office or deposit through the following bank

Account name: International Journeys Inc. BDO: 00290-004-8598

4. Wait for the Group Visa to be approved



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