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The Dead Sea and the Lowest Bar on Earth

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Your Holy Land tour from Manila isn’t complete without a visit to the Dead Sea. There, you can find the lowest bar on the surface of the Earth. Read on to learn more about these tourist destinations.

The Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is one of Israel’s most popular tourist attractions. It is the lowest point on Earth. An interesting fact about the Dead Sea is that it isn’t a sea, but a lake. It is bordered by Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank.

The Dead Sea is also the saltiest body of water in the world. In fact, another name for it is “The Sea of Salt”. Due to the high salinity, people who take a dip do not sink and simply float across the water’s surface. The levels of salt in the water are also the reason why there are no aquatic plants or animals that live in the Dead Sea.

Also, mud from the Dead Sea is known to have healing properties. It’s been the subject of medicinal research for years now. Studies find that the Dead Sea mud isn’t the only element with healing properties. It is believed that simply bathing in the waters can lead to health benefits.

Bathing in the Dead Sea is fun, but remember these safety precautions:

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  1. Keep phones and other electronics away from water.

  2. Make sure to put on sunscreen.

  3. Don’t shave before taking a dip and make sure you don’t have any open wounds.

  4. Don’t run or splash in the water. Walk slowly and carefully.

  5. Don’t walk barefoot and keep your head above the water at all times.

  6. Avoid putting mud on your face.

  7. Don’t stay in the water for too long.

The Lowest Bar in the World

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Surrounding the Dead Sea are a couple of other tourists attractions. There are hotels and restaurants that can only be found around the vicinity of the Dead Sea.

But the most interesting attraction is a bar known as the Kalia Beach Bar. Its alternative name is the Lowest Bar in the World because it is. Located along the coast of Kalia Beach, the Kalia Beach Bar is open every day from 9 AM to 6 PM. It is situated 418 meters below sea level.

If you’re looking for a place to relax after taking a dip in the waters of the Dead Sea, the Kalia Beach Bar is perfect for you. Enjoy delicious food and ice-cold drinks as you watch the sun shine on the Dead Sea. The place is also known for its kind staff and great service.

Israel as a tourist destination is filled with beautiful and interesting places to visit. The Dead Sea and the Lowest Bar in the World are just two of these famous spots.

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