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Turkey Visa Guides

For Filipinos, there are two types of visas when you wish to enter Turkey. The E-Visa and the “Regular” Sticker Visa.


Who is eligible for E-visa? Philippine passport holders who have valid US, Schengen, UK Visa or residence permit is eligible. Take note that if your visa has already expired. Then you are no longer eligible.

How to apply for E-visa? Follow the online procedure for your Turkey E-Visa here.

** Note: there are many copy cat websites that pose to be the official E-visa website of Turkey. The forms and website design look similar to the official one except that they charge 2-5x higher than what is really required.

The instructions are straightforward, but should you need assistance for E-visa. International Journeys can assist for PHP2,000 inclusive of visa and assistance fee.

Processing time for E-Visa: Immediate.


Regular Visa

Who is eligible for regular sticker visa? All other travelers holding Philippine passports not eligible for E-visa.

How to apply for Regular sticker Visa? You need a pre-appointment before submitting your visa.

Visit and choose Philippines>Turkish Embassy in Manila.

Click Make Appointment button > Visa Pre-Application for Foreigners. From there on follow the instructions on the website. Note that in the pre-appointment stage, your basic information, passport information, biometric photo, hotel booking, flight booking, birth certificate, proof of income such as your business permits/ bank certificates will be uploaded. So it is wise to keep these documents in-hand before you start.

Submitting your regular visa. Once you have a scheduled appointment. It is time to submit your form and documents. The Turkish embassy is located inside Dasmarinas Village. It is an exclusive village so parking can be difficult. The best way to get to the embassy is by taking a taxi to get in, or to get off Magallanes MRT station and take a shuttle to go in the village.

Processing time It will take 10-15 business days to get your Turkish Visa. Make sure to allot time before you submit your documents.

Should you wish for us to do the pre-application and submit the documents in your behalf, we can assist you for a total price of PHP 6,500 inclusive of visa fees. Fill up our IJ online form.


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