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What to Wear and Pack for Winter Travel in Korea

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Winters in South Korea can leave you freezing. It’s important to plan your Korea winter outfits when you plan to visit during their winter season. This article should give you an idea of the things and outfits you need to bring to Korea during winter.

Planning Your Korea Winter Outfits Winters in South Korea still expose you to sunlight and you get to see the country under a light cover of snow. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that you can dress lightly. With temperatures that can drop to as low as -9°C, it’s recommended that tourists bring along warm clothes.

  • Thermal Shirts/Tank Tops and Thermal Leggings

These will often be the first of many layers of clothing. Thermal clothes, though thin, effectively keep people warm with their heat technology. It’s a solid base that keeps the warmth of the outer layers of clothing intact.

On a particularly cold day, you can double up. Wear a normal shirt or jeans over the thermal clothing before adding in the rest of the clothing layers.

  • Insulated Jackets/Sweaters

Jackets and sweaters are a staple for anyone’s Korea winter outfit. Insulated clothes keep you warm by preventing heat transfer. Throw on an insulated jacket before you leave the house and you should be able to brave the cold. Wool or fleece sweaters work too.

  • Socks

Socks of any material will do the job, but it’s recommended that you use thermal socks or wool socks. Both effectively keep the cold out and the heat in. Plus, the fabric is comfortable.

  • Slip-on Boots/Sneakers

Slip-on shoes make it easier for you to move in and out of your footwear. Just make sure that the soles can prevent you from sliding too much in slippery conditions.

  • Other Accessories

Earmuffs and hats can keep your head and ears warm. Scarves can keep the cold from biting at your neck. And gloves keep your hands from shivering. Some brands of gloves even allow you to use your touchscreen phone without having to take them off. Sunglasses are also important, as they protect you from the sunlight being reflected off snow.

  • Other Things to Bring During the Winter Apart from the clothing you need to bring for your Korea winter outfit ,  here are some other items you might want to bring along for winter.

  • Hot Packs These are a good way to keep your hands and/or feet warm in the cold. Hot packs can be bought in bulk in any convenience store in Korea.

  • Sunscreen Bringing sunscreen during the winter may seem absurd. But a sunburn from the reflection of sunlight off snow or ice is entirely possible. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Lip Balm Cold air can cause chapped lips. Bring some lip balm to seal in the moisture and protect your lips from the elements.And that’s everything you need to keep warm in your Korea winter outfit. Keep these in mind when packing and you’ll be fine on your winter trip to South Korea!

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